Infill Development Guidelines

The Infill Development Guidelines for the City of Winnipeg were prepared for multiple-family developments in predominantly low-density neighbourhoods. These guidelines are to be used by developers and designers, citizens and planners, and by Council. The project required the assembly of a Stakeholder Working Group that included City planners, Councillors, development industry representations and neighbourhood association representatives. Workshops were held with the Stakeholders to develop the guidelines. Following the processing of information from the workshops a Final Draft Infill Development Guideline was prepared with input from Urban and Neighbourhood Planning Branch.

Transcona PDO & Development Guidelines

The Transcona Planned Development Overlay and Development Guidelines were developed in conjunction with the City of Winnipeg Planner through community consultation. The process included inventory of existing buildings, land uses and streetscape elements. This inventory was analyzed and the PDO was developed based on compatible land uses, needs of the community and anticipated growth and changes of the area.

Rapid Transit Task Force

A Vision for Rapid Transit for Winnipeg was prepared through a comprehensive and inclusive stakeholder and public consultation process involving the three levels of government, relevant City and Provincial departments, community leaders, business groups, environmental groups, citizen activists, accessibility groups, Aboriginal groups, alternative transportation, public transit and other special interest groups in a series of surveys, interviews, workshops and public open houses.

The Task Force retained McGowan Russell Group to provide project management services. Our work included a comprehensive review and evaluation of rapid transit stations/stops in other jurisdictions (20 LRT Systems and 35 BRT Systems in the US, Canada, South America, Australia and England). In addition, MRG undertook a detailed investigation of key rapid transit station/stop elements and features including signage systems, passenger shelters and canopies, real time schedule displays and fare collections system options.

Streetscape Studies

McGowan Russell has prepared a number of studies for BIZ groups and the City of Winnipeg for streetscape enhancement studies. These studies include site investigation and inventory of existing streetscape and storefronts, preparation of conceptual development plans, conceptual design of iconic elements and consultation with stakeholders. Studies have been prepared for Downtown Transcona, Corydon Village BIZ, Sargent Avenue, Exchange District, Cultural District, North Main, and Mosaic Market BIZ.

Point Hebert

An enhancement strategy for Point Hebert was developed with the City of Winnipeg to determine the possibilities of redevelopment, and integration with surrounding green space and housing. The Steering Committee included representatives from PP & D, Enterprise Riel and the Old St. Boniface Residents Association. Following the direction of the Steering Committee a preliminary conceptual design was developed that examined alternate street layouts, density options, various housing forms integration of Whittier Park, the riverbank open space connections and internal green space with future housing. As well entrance features for the railway portals and the potential rapid transit corridor were examined. Consultation with the Point Hebert residents was undertaken with an exit survey to provide tangible feedback on the proposals. The enhancement strategy was finalized and presented to the City of Winnipeg.

Building Communities - Burrows and St. Boniface

The Building Communities Initiative was a 5 year, 50/50 cost-shared program of the Province of Manitoba and the City of Winnipeg. The program addressed the physical needs of mature residential neighbourhoods. McGowan Russell Group was retained to; develop a Community Profile and Neighbourhood Strategic Plan through a Community Planning Process; and to prepare Project Information Sheets for the Initiatives. Through public open houses, community surveys and an assessment of the existing facilities the Neighbourhood Strategic Plan was developed and Priority Projects were identified. McGowan Russell prepared conceptual plans and cost estimates for these projects and sourced funding for development beyond the scope of Building Communities.

Other Public Consultation Projects

Public consultation has been a key factor in a number of projects for McGowan Russell Group. Public consultation is undertaken as part of an overall development strategy, as a part of a planning process and to determine public opinion on publicly funded projects. As part of the community consultation project McGowan Russell Group develops presentation materials and exit surveys. Projects where public consultation was a key component include; Building Communities, WinSmart, Gordon Bell School, and Main Street redevelopment.

Falcon Lake Waterfront Development Strategy

Building upon recommendations made by our study team in the Whiteshell Provincial Park Redevelopment Study, the Falcon Lake Waterfront Development Strategy identifies financially viable, public and private development opportunities on and adjacent to the waterfront in the Town of Falcon Lake.

The development plan focused on both redevelopment and new development opportunities that were economically viable and sustainable. The final plans were sensitive to conflicting land uses and pressures. The extent of potential impacts, as well as indicative capital and operational costs were examined in the context of environment and fiscal cost/benefit.

North Main Redevelopment for the North Main Task Force

Funded under the Winnipeg Development Agreement, the North Main Task Force was established in January, 1997 with the mandate to prepare a comprehensive, physical, social and economic redevelopment strategy for Main Street and its surrounding environs.

McGowan Russell Group were the prime consultants responsible for the preparation of alternative revitalization strategies, undertaking extensive stakeholder consultations and building with particular emphasis on Winnipeg's urban aboriginal community. In December, 1997 the report of the North Main Task Force was unanimously adopted by City Council.

Provencher Park Redevelopment Study

Through a community consultation process, initiated by the City of Winnipeg, McGowan Russell Group, in collaboration with Gaboury Prefontaine Perry Architects, assisted the St. Boniface Community in identifying physical improvements and priorities for the redevelopment of Provencher Park. A conceptual Master Plan has been developed by the team and prepared by McGowan Russell Group for presentation to the community.

Selkirk Avenue Task Force

The Selkirk Avenue Task Force was set up with the local business and community leaders to facilitate the social and physical redevelopment of the North End neighbourhoods around Selkirk Avenue.

McGowan Russell Group was responsible for leading a series of strategic planning sessions for the merchants, residents, community leaders, representatives from the police force, educators and other stakeholders to assist in the formulation of a comprehensive redevelopment focus for the Selkirk Community.

McGowan Russell Group continues to provide ongoing volunteer assistance to the task force. The 'Priority Initiatives' report and business plans for the Art Centre and Family Restoration Centre compiled by McGowan Russell Group continue to guide the redevelopment effort.

North End Wellness Study

McGowan Russell Group was retained to prepare a comprehensive study of the resources in the North End for recreation and health. The study analyzed buildings, sites and infrastructure to determine the highest and best use for three prominent locations.

Public surveys and open houses were used to obtain data on community needs. Based on this data options for development were put forward that would maximize the Wellness benefits of the North End at three locations in the neighbourhood. The options developed ensured each element of Wellness was addressed in at least one of the locations.

Order of magnitude costs were prepared that encompassed building redevelopment, site development and operating costs for each location on each option. These were presented as part of the strategy for future development of facilities.

Transcona Recreation Park

McGowan Russell prepared a detailed business plan as part of a comprehensive study for the Transcona Recreation Park. The existing community facilities were inventoried and analyzed to determine the needs of the community and the viability of a large recreation complex.

Public consultation was paramount in establishing the needs of the area. Opinion surveys and open houses were facilitated by McGowan Russell to reach all concerned individuals and associations. A complete picture of the recreation needs and available infrastructure was developed.

Working closely with local community groups and City representatives the strategic plan for the Transcona Recreation Park and adaptive reuse of existing obsolete facilities was prepared.

Image Route Enhancement Study

The Image Route Enhancement Study presents viable concepts and strategies for improving the visual appearance of the primary transportation corridors leading from the outer limits of the City directly to Downtown. The 'Image Routes' studied included; Pembina Highway/ Donald Street South, Main Street North, Portage Avenue West, Highway #1 East/ Fermor Avenue/ Osborne Street, Henderson Highway, and Sargent Avenue from the Airport. The report outlines associated capital costs and the operations and maintenance implications of a phasing and implementation/ management strategy.

Additional Studies

2002-2003 - Burrows Central Building Communities Initiative - A viable and sustainable Neighbourhood Strategic Plan, which meets the present and future needs of the residents of Burrows Central, is currently being developed through an extensive community consultation process.

2002 - North End Wellness Centre Business Plan Development - MRG was responsible for developing a Business Plan that quantified and qualified the long term viability of a North End Wellness Strategy focused on the 365 McGregor site, including the identification and evaluation of alternative sites, the preparation of a Governance Model and the development of a Sustainability Plan.

2001 - Old Ex Site Redevelopment - MRG assisted the City of Winnipeg, the "Community assigned to Redevelop Old Exhibition Park" (CROP) and the Nomads with the preparation of the redevelopment strategy for the Old Ex grounds. MRG continues to attend meetings and assist where requested.

2000 - Selkirk Ave Task Force - MRG was responsible for leading a series of strategic planning session for the merchants, residents, community leaders, representatives from the police force, educators and other stakeholders to assist in the formulation of a comprehensive redevelopment focus for the Selkirk community. MRG continues to provide ongoing volunteer assistance to the Task Force. The 'Priority Initiatives' report and business plans for the Art Centre and Family Restoration Centre compiled by MRG, continue to guide the redevelopment effort.

1996-1999 - North Main Task Force - MRG was retained by the North Main Task force as the prime consultant to lead the preparation of a comprehensive redevelopment plan for Main Street and environs resulting in a social, political, economic and physical strategy for the expenditure of over 6 million dollars in the area. MRG continue to be involved with North Main on an as required basis.

2003 - Flora Place Project Feasibility Study - MRG was responsible for developing a Feasibility Study that identified and evaluated options and costs for the redevelopment of the site as seniors housing including an assessment of tenant relocation requirements. Unique to the project was the community consultation and land use conflict resolution process.

Hub #1 in the south east corner of Brandon is a conceptual design completed in 2008 for the City of Brandon. This design included active and passive recreation facilities, pathway links and conceptual signage design. McGowan Russell Group Inc. was responsible for the master plan and perspective drawings used for public consultation. The City of Brandon has incorporated the results of this conceptual design into the park planning for Hub #1.

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