Elzear Goulet Park

Elzear Goulet Park in St. Boniface honours Elzéar Goulet, a military leader with Louis Riel's Provisional Government in 1870. Design elements reflect the persona of Elzéar Goulet, the enduring strength of the Métis People and their collective role in the formation of Manitoba.

The 'landscape' tells the story using waves of grass and undulating stone walls juxtaposed against haphazardly placed large jagged rocks to create an image of confounded tranquility, emblematic of the political volatility of the time and the violence of Goulet's death. This project also represents an important utilization of reclaimed riverbank and is a significant link in the community's riverbank pathway system. McGowan Russell Group Inc. was responsible for the master plan, detailed design and construction supervision for the entire park.



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