Buhler Recreation Park

Buhler Recreation Park is a world class, 140 acre, privately not-for-profit operated, government and publicly funded, $6.6 million, multi-use recreation facility that provides the community with new softball, baseball and soccer facilities, 4 km of trails, a central canteen facility with public washrooms, an outdoor education classroom and nature interpretive facilities. The recreational pathways meander through the park connecting the various recreational amenities and natural areas and have been designed for both fitness (fitness station are included on some segments) and casual nature walks. The facility will be open year round to accommodate cross-country skiing, skating and tobogganing. The park serves an environmental stewardship role through tall grass prairie, wetland and aspen forest restorations and preserves and protects existing Class B habitat.

McGowan Russell Group Inc. were responsible for this project from its inception to completion, with the preparation of the Feasibility Study and Business Plan in 2004, assistance in the $1.5 million public fundraising initiatives in 2004/2005, the preparation of construction drawings and tendering in 2005 and construction administration and field review in 2006 and 2007.



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